A Nation Adrift

This is the true story of how God’s sovereign hand guided the founders of America. It takes you on a journey… from Christopher Columbus to Jamestown… from Valley Forge to the Constitutional Convention… from the Civil War to the Stock Market Crash… from FDR to the present. The result of the journey will give us a better understanding of where America is today, how she arrived here, and where she must turn at this critical hour. For as Thomas Jefferson once asked, “Can the liberties of a nation be secure, when we have removed the conviction that these liberties are the gift of God?”

Visually rich and fast-paced, A Nation Adrift provides a fascinating historical survey of the spiritual, social and technological changes that have molded America. You will be amazed by little-known facts about the Founding Fathers, the wars, the Industrial Revolution, the Wright brothers first flights, Henry Ford’s first assembly line, the Great Depression, the atomic bombing of Japan, and much, much more! Totally illustrated. No “talking heads.”

This eye-opening 90-minute documentary easily breaks up into 6 segments:

“Conceived in Liberty” (1607-1763),
“Harvest of Freedom” (1764-1788),
“A Perfect Union” (1789-1859), “A House Divided” (1860-1877),
“Saving the Dream” (1915-1945), and
“A Work in Progress” (1946-Present).

Other material includes the founding of the ACLU and Planned Parenthood; and current events dealing with abortion, the homosexual revolution, secular humanism, and the Clinton administration.

“A Nation Adrift is splendid. With its vital and timely message for Americans, its excellent production techniques, and its interest-holding approach, I expect it to have a major impact on audiences wherever it is shown.“
—D. James Kennedy, Ph.D., Coral Ridge Ministries

“…an excellent video for anyone wanting to know the truth about the rich history and heritage of this nation.”
—Jim Woodall, Vice President, Concerned Women for America

“…should be viewed in churches, homes and schools across the nation. This video illustrates how the forces of humanism have attacked America’s foundation of faith…”
—Don Wildman, President, American Family Association

90 minutes (6 segments)

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