Freemasonry – From Darkness to Light (SECRETS REVEALED!) (HD)

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Uncover the spiritual and historical roots of Freemasonry and the truth that is helping thousands to pass From Darkness to Light. Breaking the veil of secrecy which for years shrouded the subject of Freemasonry, this video represents a major challenge for Freemasons to take a deeper look at what their organization stands for.
What do George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, the Boston Tea Party, Davy Crockett, the Statue of Liberty, 17 U.S. Presidents, most of the Royal Family, Sam Nunn, Jesse Helms, Ronald Reagan, Burl Ives, Roy Rogers, Norman Vincent Peale, and thousands of prominent Christian leaders and pastors all have in common?


What is so attractive about this group?
Why are so many famous and important men involved?
What are the Masons trying to accomplish?
Is Christianity truly compatible with Freemasonry?
Join the quest for truth in this revealing and factual video. Being well documented, it deals a crushing blow to the teaching that Christianity and Freemasonry are compatible. Christian Research Institute, Canada.
“Im excited about this film; it cuts to the core of the problems of Freemasonry”. -Ed Decker, Research, Author

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