Goldman Sachs – Owner of Europe AND USA
What did the Prime Minister of Italy, the President of the European Central Bank and the Prime Minister of Greece have in common? They all have ties to Goldman Sachs, one of the most powerful banks in the world. In the week that European leaders in their efforts to resolve the euro crisis, says Sven Kockelmann Marc Roche, financial investigative journalist for the French newspaper Le Monde. Also author of the acclaimed book ‘La Banque, the Goldman Sachs leads the world “. Roche does reveal how Goldman Sachs helped the Greeks of Europe to deceive them and a lot of money. A bank which has been deliberately influence behind the scenes making money.

The Belgian (French part) journalist Marc Roche (Le Monde) revealed in an article in November that many important figures in the European Union, including the new prime ministers of Italy and Greece, have strong ties to a big investment bank. The same bank which helped Greece to keep the amount of its debt lower than the debt limit which the Euro currency project has set as a requirment for its participants:…

In 2010 he published a book (French only) about the same bank:

In 2011 he published this book (French only, look inside):

The news was only slightly mentioned in the French media and some English newspapers. In almost all of the them the originator of the information was not mentioned.

In December one of Dutch state television’s current affairs programmes interviewed the source of the information.


Goldman Sachs conquers Europe…

Have we handed Europe to Goldman Sachs and Co?…

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