HARRY POTTER_ Witchcraft Repackaged_ Making Evil Look Innocent – YouTube [360p]

Does Witchcraft/Wicca actually have power? If so, what is it’s source?

Does the Harry Potter series ‘ presentation of child-friendly Witchcraft make it’s philosophy any more acceptable just because it is packaged as “children’s fantasy literature”?

Best-selling author Caryl Matrisciana, one of today’s leading experts on world religions, sects, and cults, along with author Robert McGee answer these questions and draw parallels between Potter’s so-called “fantasy” worldview and Witchcraft as it is practiced by many today. Viewers will hear witches being interviewed about their beliefs and see footage of their actual rituals, spells and ceremonies. In addition, Caryl Matrisciana explains Potter’s Wiccan symbology and it’s similarities to today’s neo-pagan beliefs and practices.

Deification of Mother Goddess
Black Magic
Curses and Spells
Divination and Sorcery
Occult Symbology
Evolution and Reincarnation
Demon Possession
Seasonal/Nature Celebrations
Communing with the Dead and Spirit World
“Dark” aspects of Wicca and more…..

Young readers today, more than any other time in history, have an abundance of occult resources easily available to them.

Learn how to answer the difficult questions from your children, grandchildren, and concerned friends.

Discover firsthand how the desensitization of dangerous occultic and pagan practices continues to grow as a result of the Harry Potter phenomenon.

Find out how to effectively deal with your child’s attraction to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry which Harry attends along with his schoolmates.

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