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Jehovah’s Witness and the Real Jesus

Centuries ago the Apostle Paul gave a warning to the Church that there would be those “…coming to them, preaching another Jesus.” (2 Cor. 11:4). That warning is up-to-date for the Church today. Our doorbell rings, and there stands a Jehovah’s Witness, presenting to us the Watchtower’s version of Jesus Christ. Their “Jesus” is a […]

HARRY POTTER_ Witchcraft Repackaged_ Making Evil Look Innocent – YouTube [360p]

Does Witchcraft/Wicca actually have power? If so, what is it’s source? Does the Harry Potter series ‘ presentation of child-friendly Witchcraft make it’s philosophy any more acceptable just because it is packaged as “children’s fantasy literature”? Best-selling author Caryl Matrisciana, one of today’s leading experts on world religions, sects, and cults, along with author Robert […]

Secret World of Mormonism

The Mormon Church, also known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, is one of the fastest growing religions in America. Its leaders and missionaries claim that it is the best of all Christian denominations. Three quarters of the hundred of thousands of annual converts to Mormonism come from Christian backgrounds. But […]

4 – East Seduces the West

In what ways is Eastern mysticism going mainstream, suggested as scientific in the evolution curriculum, credits in medicine, fundamental basis of psychology, etc. Freud's roots and psychology's history and dangers? Movies, public educational facilities where children are taught psychic techniques, children's games, children's TV. focus on guided imagery and inner entities, film-stars promote paganism as glamorous, New Age book sections, Mind, Body, Spirit Festivals and other psychic fairs, etc. Hindu evangelism explanation and purpose. Vol. 4 of Pagan Invasion Series Analyzes many psychotherapies -- are they forms of black magic? 48 Minutes / '91

NO OPT-OUT ALLOWED: The California Sex Ed Indoctrination

  As you may be aware, the radical LGBTQ activist and Planned Parenthood have launched an aggressive targeting of children in our public schools. Specifically, they have persuaded the California Board of Education to adopt a sex education program that is shockingly graphic and intended to promote the sexualizing of our children. This education program […]

Evolution vs. Creation – How did life begin?

Unmasks fraudulent cover-ups, wild speculations, and deceitful myths that have been presented as the absolute “facts” of evolution. Should evolutionism, the foundational faith of eastern mystical thought, be taught in schools as science, when Creationism, the foundational belief of Judeo-Christianity, has been expelled? Likes: 1 Viewed: source


For thirty-four years, Jerry Boykin was an eyewitness to the front lines of conflicts that America has faced. From Somalia to Panama to Iran, Jerry Boykin confronted the forces of tyrants, drug dealers and war lords. A founding member of Delta Force, he became Commander of the US Special Forces. What Jerry Boykin has seen […]


Jehovah’s Witness: A Non-Prophet Organization

http://www.jeremiahfilms.com/store/jehovah-s-witness-non-prophet-organization.html Jehovah’s witnesses are a curiosity to most observers. They claim to be the only true people of God of earth. Their version of their history has been published in the book. “Jehovah’s witnesses – Proclaimers of God’s Kingdom.” They challenge us to examine them, to see if they really are the true followers of […]

The Death Of Vince Foster

Who is Vince Foster? The highest ranking official to be murdered since JFK. See the evidence that the Clinton’s don’t want you to see! Documented evidence that will startle you and change your opinion of the President forever! What really happened to Vince Foster? The evidence suggests: Vince Foster’s body was found in two different […]

the UFO Conspiracy

What on Earth are UFOs? Unidentified Flying Objects have been recorded in various forms since the creation of man: Crudely drawn on Stone Age murals…chiseled in Egyptian stone…noted in the journals of ancients like Alexander the Great…even described in the ship’s log of Christopher Columbus. More than a stunning catalog of UFO photography, video, and […]

Freemasonry – From Darkness to Light (SECRETS REVEALED!) (HD)

BUY THE DVD http://www.jeremiahfilms.com/store/freemasonry-from-darkness-to-light.html Uncover the spiritual and historical roots of Freemasonry and the truth that is helping thousands to pass From Darkness to Light. Breaking the veil of secrecy which for years shrouded the subject of Freemasonry, this video represents a major challenge for Freemasons to take a deeper look at what their organization […]

Molon Labe: Gun Control

Gun control. History has demonstrated time and again that, to the degree citizens are unarmed or disarmed, government suppression and tyranny are inevitable. History has demonstrated time and again that, to the degree citizens are unarmed or disarmed, government suppression and tyranny are inevitable. The founders of the US knew these lessons well. This is […]

Life After Abortion – Abridged Version

Countless women have been overwhelmed by post abortion trauma, resulting in fear, anxiety, pain and guilt. Many suffer in silence for years after they realize the full toll of their choice. From desperation to devastation to deliverance, Life After Abortion takes an honest look at the undeniable impact abortion has had on real people, as […]