Climbing Higher in Reveration

Climbing Higher in Reveration


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While hard to do, we believe the sequel climbs even higher than the original! Climbing Higher in Reveration is Daniel York’s second 365 Day Devotional. Following in the format of Something to Think About . . . in Reveration, this work of inspiring contemporary stories, and challenging messages also runs through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. You’ll love the firsthand account of life adventures, observations and wisdom for living our lives for God’s glory. Reveration is Dan’s coined word for reverent adoration, a concept he lives to the fullest inspired by Psalm 40:3.

You’ll want this carefully crafted treasure to start your day fortified and ready to meet life’s challenge. You’ll want it by your bedside to reflect before resting. Reveration readers continually remark at the freshness of this work and the enjoyment they gain from Dan’s unique way with words. Enjoy!

Paperback: 440 pages

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