In Search of Temple Treasures


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by Randall Price

The Lost Ark and the Last Days

An exciting adventure in discovery awaits you as you explore with Dr. Price the mysterious Ark of the Covenant. What was this sacred object? What happened to it? Where is it today? These and many more questions are answered. The video follows Dr. Price in a search through the Middle East and includes interviews with the two Jewish rabbis that dug beneath the Temple Mount to find the lost Ark.

From the back cover:

The search for the Ark of the Covenant has fired the imaginations of archaeologists and students of prophecy throught the ages.  But does it still exist?  And why is it important?  Could the discovery of the Ark and other priceless treasures be the match that ignites the final rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem? 

In Search of Temple Treasures takes you on a remarkable expedition into the Ark’s mysterious past, its explosive significance today, and its implications in the time of last days’ events.  Meticulous research and dozens of interviews with leading authorities in the Mddle East provide a factual inside view of one of history’s most fascinating quests.  Exclusive photographs and charts.

Filmed in Israel and hosted by Randall Price

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