OPENING ARGUMENTS: God On Trial - Episodes 9-10


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Episodes 9-10

Audio CD from Marjorie Cole of Life Recovery

Opening Arguments-God on trial is an audio dramatization of the war between God and Satan for the soul of mankind. Satan challenged God, charging Him with criminal neglect of the universe, abusive use of power, and conflict of interest.

Each episode addresses critical questions of free will and responsibility that draws the listener deeper into the conflict that forces them to become the jury and answer the question, “Is God fit to rule the universe?”

EPISODE 9 – The Ark
Noah is called as a hostile witness by the Prosecution who hopes to expose God’s insensitivity to mankind’s expression of his free will. Was building a boat to save one family a fair resolution to the problem of human disobedience?

EPISODE 10 – The Flood
The people were all gone. The Flood had swept them all away. Could the Defense use Noah’ testimony to refute the unanswered questions regarding God’s sanity and His right to rule the world? Or would the jury need more evidence?

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