Preview of the Antichrist



According to Ancient Hebrew prophecy, in the last days mankind will urgently seek the security of a one-world government. This global desire for a super leader, who will bring peace and safety to the world in chaos, will ultimately leave the human race vulnerable to the beguiling charm and grace of the most intelligent, powerful, and charismatic person of all history. The Bible prophecy calls this man the “anti-Christ.” Methods of former “would be” anti-christs are compared to the significance of a coming global “New World Order”.

Ironically, he will dominate the glove and orchestrate society’s ultimate destruction. Chuck Smith and Caryl Matrisciana host their exciting blueprint of apocalyptic events. Interviews with prophecy experts Chuck Missler, Hal Lindsey, and Peter Lalonde explain “why” the world will follow this man into perdition. Must viewing for all who desire a glimpse of the future.Hitler was, Presidents are, The antichrist will be Elected to power in a time of great economic chaos and all will be or have been charismatic leaders.

Vol. 8 of the Pagan Invasion Series Bundle

48 minutes / ’91


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