Prophecy and World Events


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Volume Three of the Dave Hunt Classic Video Series

“I love to speak at universities! I don’t care who is in the audience—I tell you, I will prove to you that the Bible is God’s Word. I will prove to you that Jesus Christ is the true and only savior of sinners. I will prove to you that this is the truth. I challenge you to refute it, and you can’t do it.” So declares Dave Hunt to the believers gathered at Abilene Baptist Church in Martinez, Georgia. As Dave explains in this powerful and inspiring teaching, Bible prophecy is, in fact, the great proof that God gives for the historicity, authenticity, and authority of the Scriptures.

What is anti-Semitism all about? Dave exposes the roots of this pervasive hatred of Jews, from ancient to modern times, as Satan’s plan to thwart the Word of God. Why? Because God’s integrity is tied to the restoration and blessing of the Jewish people. Dave recounts little-known history of modern anti-Semitism, including the post-Holocaust persecution of Holocaust survivors who were turned away, persecuted and killed, even by those who had opposed Hitler, after WWII. Dave explores dozens of Scriptures concerning the past, present, and future of Israel and our blessed hope in Christ.

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