Psyching Out the Evangelical Church


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DVD by Dave Hunt, The Berean Call

How worship of self and “science” has created a new idolatry

In the last fifty years multitudes of pastors have added clinical counseling degrees to their theological credentials. Psychological theories have been preached so often and from so many pulpits that they are accepted without question by increasing numbers of Christians as biblical doctrines. The Christian church in the United States has become a major referral service for clinical psychologists and psychiatrists. The critical question raised by these developments is: Why? Is the Bible not sufficient? Has the Body of Christ been ill-equipped for ministering to the mental, emotional and spiritual needs of Christians? Or has the church been intimidated and “psyched out” by the pseudo-science of psychotherapy? T. A. McMahon takes these issues head-on, and you will be shocked, informed, and edified by what he has to say.

Run Time: 50 Minutes

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