Q & A Live! at Cedar Creek Church


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featuring Carl Kerby & Kyle Gray

God Questions? The Bible has answers!

Join us as members of Cedar Creek Church text and email their tough questions while Carl Kerby and Kyle Gray tackle them head on.


In this innovative format, Carl and Kyle show that when you start with the Bible as your authority, you have the answers to issues such as:

  • – Where do “races” come from?
  • – What about Carbon Dating, doesn’t it “prove” millions of years?
  • – Where did Cain get his wife?
  • – What about distant starlight?
  • – And More!

Produced By: Reasons for Hope* Productions
Featuring: Carl Kerby
Moderated By: Kyle Gray
Filmed by: Cedar Creek Church
Edited by: Carl Kerby Jr.

Length: 52 Minutes
Format: DVD Video

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