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Reasons for Hope In The Mosaic of Your Life

by Carl Kerby

Our culture is becoming increasingly dark and hopeless, and people desperately need to know the only source of true hope—for this life and for the next. In this encouraging book, you will discover how God can give you hope in your own life—no matter your circumstances—and will be equipped to share that hope with others.

As Christ-followers, we are called to give reasonable explanations for our faith, to state clearly what we believe and why we believe it. Reasons for Hope will prepare you to give an answer:

  • You will get excited about your faith as you discover the Bible’s trustworthiness and see how relevant the Scriptures are for us today.
  • You will feel more confident sharing your hope in Christ with others as you learn how to use the Bible to address people’s most common questions and objections to the gospel.
  • You will be equipped to have conversations about evolution, suffering, dinosaurs, racism, absolute truth, and many other topics.

     As you learn how God radically transformed Carl’s life, you will catch Carl’s passion—for God’s Word, for the gospel, and for giving answers—things that are the heartbeat of the Reasons for Hope ministry. Most important, you will discover how God can use you to change countless lives: by giving reasons for our hope to a lost and dying world.

    “let Carl’s story encourage you in your own story, his mosaic give you hope for your own mosaic. God is still in the business of putting together life’s pieces in ways that bring beauty to the plain, glory to the ordinary, and hope to the hopeless.”

    —DR. WOODROW KROLL, from the Foreword

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