Seducing Spirits and Doctrines of Devils


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DVD by The Berean Call

Speaking at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, Dave begins: “I don’t know how much thought you have given to this, but devils have doctrines. They’re very consistent. You can travel around the world as I have done and investigate this sort of thing, and you will find that the same message comes out of Ouija boards…mediums…hypnotic trances…LSD trips…the so-called space brothers of UFOs…and it is very consistent.” Dave launches from 1 Timothy 4:1, giving examples of materials dictated by seducing spirits, containing doctrines of devils, promoted in churches and sold in Christian bookstores. In this informative talk, Dave skillfully dissects and dismantles a number of these false doctrines. As always, Dave’s erudite and articulate presentation lays bare the foundations of psychology, quoting Scripture, scientists, and occultists alike to illustrate the Satanic origins of modern self-delusion by seducing spirits.

In preparation for the 2010 conference, our production staff uncovered rare archival video footage in the TBC “vault,” filmed at various meetings from around the country over the course of Dave’s 30-plus year speaking ministry. To the enjoyment and edification of all those present in the Riverhouse Convention Center, two of these talks were re-mastered for video presentation at this year’s conference: 1) Seducing Spirits and Doctrines of Devils 2) Global Peace and the Rise of Antichrist.

Run Time: 1hr 45min

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