Standing Fast In The Last Days


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On June 5th, 2008, former New Age follower Warren Smith spoke to 800 pastors at the 2008 Calvary Chapel Senior Pastors’ Conference in Murrietta, California. Warren, integrating his compelling testimony into his talk, shared his deep concerns regarding the spiritual deception taking place in the church today. Covering topics such as the EMERGING CHURCH, PURPOSE-DRIVEN, THE NEW AGE, and what is being called the NEW SPIRITUALITY, Warren exposes what may be the signs of a great spiritual falling away that the Bible has predicted will happen prior to Christ’s return.

Author and speaker Warren Smith, (B.A. University of Pennsylvania: M.S.W. Tulane, University) has written extensively on the subject of spiritual deception and has been widely interviewed on radio and television. With a background in social work, he has served as a San Francisco street worker, served as a program coordinator for people with developmental disabilities, directed several homeless programs, and has worked as a Hospice social worker in New Orleans and on the California coast. He is the author of Deceived on Purpose, The Light That Was Dark, and Reinventing Jesus Christ.

Running Time: 57 minutes

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