The Story of the English Bible


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DVD by International Baptist Missions & The Berean Call

The story of the English Bible is a drama that spans over 300 years, from late 1300 AD to early 1600 AD. It is a well-documented page of British history drenched in blood. It is a story of inhuman torture, relieved only by being burned to death. The fires left black, scorched earth covered with the bones and ashes of the martyrs. Some of these victims perpetrated no greater crime than to teach their children “The Lord’s Prayer” in English. But the established church of that day demanded that these “criminals” pay the ultimate penalty.

This is the story of a small army of courageous martyrs whose skills provided our English translation. We cannot afford to be ignorant of these facts. This information is a must for every Christian home and especially for our generation of children who are forced to grow up in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation.

Run Time: 44 min

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