Teaching Origins Objectively

Exposing the evolution controversy in public schools.
Exposing the evolution controversy in public schools

“Creation thinking is at least as scientific as evolution, and evolution thinking is at least as religious as creation as documented in this DVD. It is a good resource for all.” – John Morris, President, Institute for Creation Research

“Where do we come from?” This is a question that is fundamental to a student’s views on religion, ethics, morality, and even government. In May 2005, the Kansas State Board of Education conducted four days of hearings on science standards designed to promote the teaching of evolution and origins objectively. Twenty-three expert witnesses testified as to the scientific validity surrounding the evolution controversy. This documentary covers the highlights of over 20 hours of recorded testimony from these world-wide experts:

William S. Harris, Ph.D.: Biochemist and developer of Omega-3 Index for which he has gained international standing
Charles Thaxton, Ph.D.: Chemist, co-author of “The Mystery of Life’s Origins”
Jonathan Wells, Ph.D.: Molecular biologist, author of “Icons of Evolution”
Bruce Simat, Ph.D.: Professor at Northwestern College, Biochemistry and Human Physiology
Ralph Seelke, Ph.D.: Professor of Biology, University of Wisconsin
Edward Peltzer, Ph.D.: Research specialist in oceanography and chemical evolution
Russell Carlson, Ph.D.: Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and University of Georgia
John Sanford, Ph.D.: Geneticist and Associate Professor, Cornell University
Robert DiSilvestro, Ph.D.: Biochemist, Professor of Nutrition, Ohio State University
Bryan Leonard, High school biology teacher, Ph.D. candidate in Science Education
Daniel Ely, Ph.D.: Professor of Biology, University of Akron in Ohio
Roger DeHart, B.S.: High school biology teacher, Westlake Village, CA
Jill Gonzalez-Bravo, M.A.: Middle school teacher, Rose Hill, KS
John Milliam, Ph.D.: Theoretical chemist, developer of computational chemistry software
Nancy Bryson, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Kennesaw State University
James Barham, M.A.: Scholar and author specializing in evolutionary epistemology
Stephen Meyer, Ph.D.: Director and Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute, Seattle, WA.
Angus Menuge, Ph.D.: Professor of Philosophy with expertise in the philosophy of science
Warren Nord, Ph.D.: Professor of Philosophy and Religion, University of North Carolina
Mustafa Akyol, Freelance writer for Turkish and U.S. media
Michael Behe, Ph.D.: Professor of Biochemistry at Lehigh University and author of “Darwin’s Black Box”
John H. Calvert, J.D.: Lawyer specializing in constitutionally appropriate ways to teach origins science in public schools

120 minutes. 2007.

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