The Godmakers 2

Continued investigation into Mormon doctrine: Blood atonement, polygamy, and celestial sex. A Message of Truth Against Heresy. Powerful sequel to the original God Makers.
A message of truth against the dark forces of heresy. The facts say it all…
l 60 – 80% of Mormon converts (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) come from Christian backgrounds.
l The LDS Church spends millions trying to convince the public that they are more “Christian” than the Christians.
l Witnesses confirm the homosexual lifestyle of a member of the Mormon Presidency.
l A fundamentalist Mormon family murdered 26 of its own members, obeying the doctrine of “blood atonement.”
Hard to believe?
These and other startling facts are documented in GOD MAKERS II – the sequel to the film that rocked the foundation of the Mormon Church.
The Mormon Church still believes and teaches
Jesus was begotten through a sexual relationship between God the Father and Mary; Jesus and Lucifer are brothers; Mormons will become “gods and goddesses” and enjoy the eternal pleasure of celestial sex; Mormon doctrine still justifies the evil practices of blood atonement and polygamy.

48 MINUTES 1992

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