The New Clinton Chronicles *OFFICIAL* (Part 1)
Investigations into alleged criminal activities of Arkansas former Governor President Bill Clinton. Many people involved in the research and investigations reported by this film have been murdered or died under questionable circumstances.

For the first time on video. A documentary that puts together the whole story!

The names and faces of the key players who Clinton used to build his Circle of Power … as well as those who got in his way and lost their jobs, reputations, virtue and lives!

From Whitewater to ADFA (Clinton political Machine)
From millions in drug smuggling in Mena, Arkansas. To Money laundering with the BCCI

From Gennifer Flowers to Paula Jones.
From Vince Foster’s “Suicide” to the gangland slaying of private investigator Jerry Parks.

The documentary uncovers the shocking truth the controlled media and Clintons don’t want you to know!
Watch The Clinton Chronicles for the whole story. You won’t find this anywhere else!

On July 14th, 1994, copies of the Clinton Chronicles were hand-delivered to every member of the US Senate and House of Representatives:

July 15th documentation supporting the film was presented to the Congress at their request. Clinton was Impeached on December 19, 1998 by the House and later acquitted by the Senate
Clinton Body Count

For Information on Vince Foster see

What Really Happened – the death of Vince Foster

For Information on the Mena Cover-Up the documentary on the brutal mrrder of two teenage boys, evidence exists that they where killed and placed on the rail road tracks – But officials say they were sleeping on the tracks.

Hillary Uncensored about Hillary senate fund-raising and a major contributor from the whistle-blower Peter Paul, who suffered a fall out with the Clinton machine.
103 minutes, ’96

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