Transhumanism: Recreating Humanity – The Arms Race
The immense leap in technological advancement is changing the way we live, learn, interact, and believe.

Mobile phones, television, satellites, the internet… realities that were science fiction, our grandparents were reading about this scifi world in comic books, dreaming of the day humans would walk on the moon. Today, we can’t imagine a world without those innovations. We have become completely dependent on technology, and it is changing us.

The change isn’t going to stop.

Science fiction has paved the way to godhood, by sparking the innate human desire for more. Scientists today are just scratching the surface of the fabric of our reality through these four major technologies:
genetics, robotics, nanotech, and artificial intelligence.

Scientists are merging human DNA with animal DNA and creating chimera’s like the ones described in H.G. Wells’ The Island of Dr. Moreau. We are already connecting robotic limbs to the mind, and creating cyborgs. We have the dream of creating Artificial Intelligence so advanced that it becomes sentient, and the final frontier of nanotechnology, with its dream of manipulating matter itself!

These ideas are no longer scifi,
they are becoming reality.

The media is focusing on Transcendence, a film featuring Johnny Depp, but what is the Christian viewpoint?

This film investigates some of the underlying motivations of the Transhumanist movement, its spirituality, and how it will affect every person alive today, and tomorrow.

Dr. Chuck Missler,
Dr. Thomas Horn,
Best-selling author Frank Peretti,
and media heavyweight Joseph Farah


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